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We launched the new Digital Service Design Standard in July 2018, now it’s time to make it real. You helped us to create the Standard, now we need your help again, to develop an assessment and support model to implement the design principles. Sign up here, and have your say!

Hurrah, the Standard was published!

The Minister for Government Digital Services launched the new Digital Service Design Standard in July 2018. Just as we were celebrating getting Phase 1 over the line, we realised it was time to get Phase 2 underway!

Wait, what? There’s more?

The next phase is to create a fit-for-purpose assessment and support model for the Standard. It was great to see that the potential, and value, of the standard for driving Government service delivery and transparency and accountability, has been recognised by the Open Government Partnership (OGP) New Zealand. The assessment model for the Standard features as ‘Commitment 6’ in the newly published draft Third National Action Plan 2018-2020.

Going global

Also we were very pleased to see that it wasn’t only the OGP that saw the value in our new standard; it’s been recognised as an outstanding publication internationally! We heard from Apolitical, the global public sector think-tank, network and platform active in over 140 countries: “We’re thrilled to share that's Digital Service Design Standard will be included on Apolitical’s new Digital Government Atlas — an easy-to-use collection of some of the best publicly available tools, guidebooks and datasets from around the world.”

We need you (again!)

As the Standard was designed and intended to be maintained as a 'living document', we will continue to improve the product and incorporate your feedback through an ongoing iterative process. The Standard was created through an open and consultative approach, and we want to stay true to those design ideals. We engaged with businesses, key interest groups, government agencies, and the public, to produce a standard which will help government build and deliver excellent services. We also spoke to stakeholder communities from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives that came together and helped to define the Standard’s principles and approach. We want the same level of engagement, crowd-sourced content, and co-design in creating the assessment and support model.

Have your say

Our colleagues in the US, Europe and around the world have given their opinion on the Standard, now it’s time for us to hear yours!

You can read the Standard here.

... or go straight to the discussion platform we have set up for you to give your views on the 12 principles and how they can be assessed and/or supported.

There is a thread for each of the principles, a thread to discuss issues in general, and an opportunity to give your views on the conformance approach.

What happens next?

We will collate the feedback from you, agencies, industry, and the public to produce assessment model options. The preferred assessment model identified for implementation will be published by June 2019.

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