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Te rārangi hōtaka mahi

Programme of Work

The 5 digital focus areas and corresponding actions that will help achieve our vision of a unified modern, agile and adaptive digital public service. Parts of the programme of work are indicative at this stage.

Integrated services for citizens and business

Services for citizens

  • Embed the current integrated services (Digital Government Leadership Group (DGLG) programme) . Status: Ongoing
  • Scope 3 new integrated services (DGLG programme) . Status: Ongoing
  • Implement the Digital Inclusion Blueprint (system champion) . Status: Ongoing

Services for business

  • Deliver services for businesses, for example, Business Connect (partner with Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)) . Status: Ongoing

Leadership, people, culture

Digital leadership

  • Support the DGLG programme and independent advisory function (secretariat function) . Status: Ongoing
  • Determine the digital strategy governance, partnership and implementation model . Status: To be started
  • Co-create leadership and digital capability model with State Services Commission (SSC) . Status: To be started

Digital capability and skills

  • Lead the GovTechTalent Graduate Programme . Status: Ongoing
  • Support selection of key positions (support CEOs) . Status: Ongoing
  • Determine future digital capability needs (partner with SSC) . Status: To be started
  • Build digital skills with the education sector (partner with Ministry of Education (MoE)) . Status: To be started

Strengthen Māori-Crown relationship (mana to mana)

  • Assess the establishment of a Futures Taumata . Status: To be started
  • Support the engagement of the Government Chief Digital Officer (with DGLG) and the Futures Taumata . Status: To be started
  • Partner with the Futures Taumata to co-create a work programme with Māori that is mutually agreed . Status: To be started


Digital architecture for government

  • Development of the Digital Architecture Blueprint . Status: To be started
  • Define principles and develop a transition strategy for retirement of legacy systems (partner with Treasury) . Status: To be started

Digital identity

  • Produce a Digital Identity Trust Framework . Status: Ongoing
  • Enable the development of new approaches to digital identity . Status: To be started

Government interoperability

  • Develop a strategy to further embed government and customer APIs . Status: To be started
  • Lead the assessment of establishing an API marketplace . Status: To be started

Assurance, privacy and cyber security practices

  • Define and embed privacy and assurance practices . Status: Ongoing
  • Define and embed security practices (partner with intelligence agencies) . Status: Ongoing

Preserve policy and legislation intention

  • Champion and implement the Digital Rights and Ethics Programme . Status: Ongoing
  • Develop and coordinate system policy for Cloud, AI (artificial intelligence) . Status: Starting
  • Determine policy and regulatory requirements, for example, AI (partner with Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) and MBIE) . Status: To be started


Investment for ICT and digital

  • Implement digital and data investment principles across the system (partner with Treasury and the Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS)) . Status: Ongoing
  • Develop a digital and ICT investment strategy and long term plan (lead for Minister of Finance) . Status: To be started
  • Define investment processes for digital and data (partner with Treasury and GCDS) . Status: To be started
  • Provide investment advice to agencies (partner with Treasury and GCDS) . Status: To be started

Digital procurement and all-of-government (AoG) capability

  • Deliver the Marketplace for system use . Status: Starting
  • Assess next generation fit-for-purpose, AoG capability . Status: To be started
  • Deliver modern digital procurement models for digital and ICT (partner with MBIE) . Status: Ongoing

Risk management for digital

  • Review risk management models . Status: To be started

New ways of working

Mobile workforce

  • Enable cross agency mobility with ICT advice (partner with MBIE and SSC) . Status: Starting

Digital standards and practices

  • Develop and champion AoG standards (for example, web and architecture standards) . Status: Ongoing
  • Define common business processes for back office (partner with Inland Revenue (IR) and Treasury) . Status: Ongoing

Digital innovation capacity

  • Administer the Innovation Fund to develop government capacity for innovation . Status: Starting
  • Develop and lead a formal emerging technology programme (for example, AI) . Status: To be started