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Government confirms new provider for government domain name system

Liverton Security, a New Zealand owned and operated cyber security supplier, has been confirmed as the new provider of Government Domain Name System (DNS) services.

The change will see all current and domains shift to Liverton in February 2019.

Planning is now underway to ensure a smooth transition without any interruption to the service. The Department of Internal Affairs will work with current users of the domain management portal to make sure they’re prepared to use the new system ahead of time.

Following the move DNS services will be provided through the Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) panel. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this service as part of TaaS,” says General Manager Commercial Strategy and Delivery Chris Webb. “It’s another great example of government joining up to share innovation and pool resources.”

What will this mean to you?

This is a like-for-like change with no significant change to the operating model.

Agencies who self-service their DNS will continue to operate in the same way as they do today with access to a domain management portal and with domain name requests, moderation and provisioning happening in the same manner as they do today. Access to the new portal will be available ahead of the system going live.

Agencies which currently manage their domains via email or phone support will be able to continue to do so.

Who are Liverton Security?

Liverton Security is a New Zealand owned and operated cyber security supplier. They were selected through the TaaS panel to deliver these services to government. Liverton Security built the core infrastructure for SEEMail for the New Zealand Government.

How do I ask questions and where can I get further information?

Questions and requests for further information can be directed to

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