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PCDCC — benefits and eligibility

Learn about the benefits of the Public Cloud Data Centre Certification (PCDCC) for agencies and providers. Check if your data centre is eligible.

What the PCDCC is

The PCDCC is an optional government certification. It gives a standardised and consistent assessment of onshore (in New Zealand) Public Cloud Data Centres.

The PCDCC will assess Public Cloud Data Centres against the government's:

It will complement existing certifications issued by the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) for cloud services.

Certifications are available for both Data Centre facilities or Data Centre areas within a facility.

Who is offering certification

The GCDO, on behalf of the Government system leads is offering this new Public Cloud Data Centre Certification.

Benefits for agencies

This certification gives agencies confidence that:

  • Public Cloud Data Centres they use meet their PSR obligations, and
  • ownership, control, and supply chain risks will be reduced.

In line with the Cloud First policy, this certification supports agency use of public cloud for data classified at RESTRICTED or below.

Certified Public Cloud Data Centres

After we issue a Public Cloud Data Centre (PCDC) certification, we will list it on the page below:

Certified PCDC facilities and areas

If you are an agency wanting more information about the PCDCC, email:

Benefits for providers

For providers of Public Cloud Data Centres, getting certified:

  • streamlines the certification and accreditation processes
  • reduces the effort required to meet agency certification requests.

Eligible providers

This certification covers Public Cloud Data Centres that:

  • Are onshore (in New Zealand)
  • Offer ICT services to NZ government agencies.

Certification will consider risks around your data centres’ security in the following areas:

  • physical
  • personnel
  • ownership
  • supply chain.

Expression of interest

If you're a Public Cloud Data Centre provider wanting to be certified, submit an expression of interest:

Providers — expression of interest

Organisations who do not currently have Data Centres in New Zealand but are planning investment can also submit an expression of interest.

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