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Better for Business and the Office of the GCDO (Government Chief Digital Officer) proudly present the All-of-Government (AoG) innovation showcase on Tuesday 3 December 2019 at Te Papa.

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collaborate + innovate = better services

Connecting people with government innovation

The showcase theme is ‘collaborate + innovate = better services’ and it will feature initiatives, from national and local government agencies, demonstrating the work we are doing to design and deliver easy and seamless services to New Zealanders.

Along with tech innovations or discoveries, we’ll showcase initiatives that focus on collaborating with others to innovate, including individual, business, other agency and multi-sector collaboration.

Anyone can attend – to see, learn, interact with and talk about the new and creative ways government agencies are working together to make access to government services better and more consistent.

Showcase details

Date: Tuesday 3 December 2019

Time: 10am – 3.30pm

Location: Oceania Room – Level 3, Te Papa Tongarewa, 55 Cable Street, Wellington

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Alignment with the APEC Forum

We have aligned this showcase with the APEC SME Productivity and Performance Forum (forum). Delegates from the Forum are scheduled to attend the Showcase.

This is the inaugural forum and was designed by in response to global interest in their online resources to lift the productivity and sustainability of small businesses.

Participating economies will hear from global experts and share insights, research findings, and best practices to improve management capability and productivity.

A published report will capture global best practices and bring the APEC region to the forefront of the conversation.

The forum and showcase kick off a week of globally-recognised productivity events in Wellington, including Transport New Zealand’s Economic Forum and the Annual Government Economic Network Conference.

Exhibitors at the Showcase

This list and more information about each stand will be updated as more exhibitors come on board. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back with us.

List of exhibitors:

  • Better for Business – Research + insights
  • Better rules – better outcomes
  • Business Connect
  • – The Kiwi Business Boost
  • The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)
  • e-Invoicing
  • From the Department of Internal Affairs and Government Chief Digital Officer:
    • Service Innovation
    • Digital Inclusion
    • Life Events
    • Digital Identity Transition Programme & RealMe
  • DPMC – The Policy Project
  • Standards NZ

Highlights from the April 2019 showcase

Watch the video below to see highlights of our April showcase.

> Video transcript

The words New Zealand Government appear in the centre of the screen. The text fades.

All of Government Innovation Showcases appears in the centre of the screen. The logos of the sponsors Better for Business, and New Zealand Government appear at the bottom of the screen.

(All of the following people are filmed at the showcase, the background of the shots are sounds and scenes of the exhibitor stands and showcase attendees.)

Peter Griffen, Tech Commentator: "We live in a rapidly changing world. And government is having to change how it deals with its citizens and businesses as a result of that."

Ann-Marie Cavanagh, Director, Digital Government Strategy, DIA: "New Zealand is known as a stand-out nation around digital innovation and digital services."

Peter Griffen, Tech Commentator: "New Zealand is one of those countries at the forefront of the digital transformation, and here at the All of Government Innovation Showcase, we’re going to get a flavour of exactly what they’re doing to meet this challenge."

Lisa Casagranda, Director Better for Business: "Today you’re going to see a lot of innovative work going on across local and central government to make it easier for citizens and businesses to deal with government. We’re really excited to showcase over 35 initiatives here today and we know you’ll be inspired."

Beth Williams, Business Engagement Manager, New Zealand Business Number: "The New Zealand Business Number will help streamline business processes and it enables some fantastic new technologies because it allows businesses to better interact and connect with each other, and it does that by providing a globally unique identifier, by connecting with key information that businesses are most asked for."

Anna Calver, General Manager Marketing and Communications, WREDA: "When we were developing WellTown, we thought, actually, how do we make Wellington stand out globally? We’re in competition with cities all around the world; for visitors, for students, for talent – the kind of people who are really important for a region’s economy. But those cities that we’re competing against are much bigger than wellington. In reality, no one really knows where Wellington is, so we wanted to do something really differently in order to stand out to those people."

Jane Kennedy, Manager All of Government ICT Commercial Services, DIA: "So in a nutshell, we’re moving what is predominantly a manual process of procurement, to an online process."

Becky Cassam, Manager Life Event Services, DIA: "Life Event Services are a cross government collaboration and it’s about government going to the people when they’re in need, not about the people having to traverse multiple agencies."

Tim Waldron, Manager RealMe, DIA: "RealMe has been in the market since July 2013 and our growth has been pretty phenomenal over that time. We have 130 services that use the logon component of that service, and we have 19 services including private sector organisations, some major trading banks that are using the identity verification component."

Jon Stevenson, Manager Design and Innovation Lab, NZ Police: "The Police Innovation Lab is there to bring genuine Kiwi innovation to policing in New Zealand. We want New Zealand to be the safest country, and to be the safest country we need the best police force, and that’s what we’re all about."

Tim Kong, Senior Advisor, Service Innovation DIA: "So the lab is a number of things. One it’s a physical space for agencies to come and work in. It is a space where people can explore how to do things differently."

Lisa Casagranda, Director Better for Business: "So Better for Business is a collaboration of 10 government agencies. We started in 2012 and what we do is we work together to really understand what the key pain points are for businesses when they’re dealing with government."

Fiona Millar, Innovation Community Lead, New Zealand Transport Agency: "NZTA runs hackathons because we believe that the problems in our transport industry are bigger than just our agency, and bigger than the government. We need a really collaborative way of working to solve some of these problems. Whether it’s other agencies, the general public and our transport customers, the commercial and technology sector; we can bring in a whole load of people to work on these issues together in a really fast-paced, rapid prototyping way, we can come up with better solutions faster."

Jonnie Hadden, Programme Director, Ligtning Lab Govtech: "So Lightning Lab Govtech is specifically focused on solving public sector problems. So we take projects from local and central government, and even international government, and really apply a start-up style innovation science to really move the needle on an issue. We get them to partner with the private sector and community sector to really get a project from Point A, and take the community along the way on the journey with them, and get it to Point B as quickly as possible."

Philippa Day, Programme Manager, Business Connect: "Business Connect is a cross-agency digital services initiative that will allow businesses to apply for their permissions to operate. So things like their licences, their registrations, their certifications – all from one single place, no matter what government agency they’re dealing with."

Nick Vaughan, Manager Business Rules Centre, Inland Revenue: "So the issue we’re trying to solve with Better rules – better outcomes, is really just joining up the policy people and making sure what they’re intending is really understood by the people it’s meant for – right from the start."

Cyma Parbhu, Co-founder, Spring: "Spring is a personalised incentivised journey that helps Kiwis in poverty build their financial wellbeing, but also take positive steps towards achieving their dream."

Victoria Hum, Govtech Talent Graduate: "Digital is more than just IT systems, it’s about doing things differently in an increasingly connected world. So at the heart of our programme is innovation, collaboration and transparency, and fostering this across government agencies."

Tom Zotov, Business Technology Solutions, Auckland Transport: "So Auckland Transport uses about 3,000 cameras to monitor its transport network. We do that to make it more efficient and safer. CCTV Analytics is a platform that sits between the operators and the cameras, and enables them to monitor it more efficiently and making it better for Aucklanders to use the traffic."

Ann-Marie Cavanagh, Director, Digital Government Strategy, DIA: "Today has been a great day to really learn around what’s going on around innovation across public agencies, both from a central and local government perspective. And it’s fantastic to see the energy and enthusiasm across many agencies to continue to make many of the services we deliver for New Zealand citizens and businesses better. So it’s fantastic to see that energy and commitment."

Lisa Casagranda, Director Better for Business: "We trust you’ve been really inspired about what you’ve seen here today, and all the innovation going on here across local and central government. Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you at our next showcase which will be in December 2019."

All of Government Innovation Showcases appears in the centre of the screen. The logos of the sponsors Better for Business, and New Zealand Government appear at the bottom of the screen.

About the organisers

Better for Business

The Better for Business (B4B) programme is a collective of 10 agencies committed to making significant improvements to the business experience with government. The role of B4B is to champion the needs of business customers, when they are engaging and interacting with government, from a cross agency perspective. This is achieved by understanding the broad ecosystem businesses work within and the interrelationships between government agencies as businesses seek to achieve specific outcomes. 

Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO)

The Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) is the government functional lead for digital. The GCDO works with agencies to drive government’s digital transformation and position government to be responsive in a changing digital age.

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