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Make it quicker and easier for new businesses to set up for success makes business easier with online tools and advice from across government, tailored to the individual needs of small business.

In the near future, Kiwi businesses will be able to interact with government from one place, guided by information personalised to their needs and objectives. That place is, which is currently building new across-government infrastructure designed to help small businesses save time, money and succeed.

The first stage of this, helping new businesses get from started to sorted quickly and easily, will be launching in 2019.

This work is driven by research that shows small businesses face a complex landscape of information and decisions when starting out. Small businesses often miss key steps or get things wrong, which can hurt their business down the track.

Government saw the opportunity to bring the key information and registration elements together into one place, and ensure small businesses get the right information for their needs at just the right time.

The solution we are building will be fast, tailored, user friendly and customer centric – and enabled by the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

New Zealand Business Number

Register across government and business in one place through

Four principles will guide the design and development of services and tools:

  • Adaptable and extensible – Adjust for future trends in business and employment, and for tech-enabled change. Curate the experience across government.
  • Incremental personalisation – Start with guidance that's helpful to most people, most of the time. The more information people share, the more government can help them and focus future efforts appropriately.
  • No dead ends – Help people find their way. Make next steps clear, with a bias towards actionable outcomes.
  • Pick your own journey – Where possible, people can do things in the order – and at the time – that works for them.

NZBN helps to share the right information to the right people at the right time

This initiative was created as part of the Better for Business collective.

Better for Business: 10 agencies — one vision

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