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Te reo Māori

Check which words you need to mark up using the Māori language tag, and which you do not.

Māori words considered to be part of NZ English

Words considered to be part of NZ English do not need to be marked up as the Māori language.

The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary tells us which Māori words are considered to be part of NZ English.

These include:

  • kaumātua (Māori elder)
  • tāngata whenua (Māori people)
  • marae (open area in front of the wharenui, or all buildings around the marae)
  • hongi (to press noses in greeting)
  • Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • whānau (family)
  • waka (canoe, vehicle)
  • Te reo Māori (The Māori language)
  • taonga (treasured possessions or cultural items, anything precious)
  • puku (stomach)
  • pounamu (greenstone)
  • Pākehā (New Zealander of non-Māori descent, usually European)
  • pā (traditional Māori hill fort)
  • Māori
  • mana (prestige, reputation)
  • mahi (work or activity)
  • Kōhanga Reo (language nest, Māori Immersion pre-school for 0–4 years)
  • Kia ora (Hello, greetings)
  • karakia (prayer)
  • kai (food)
  • iwi (tribe)
  • hui (gathering, meeting)
  • hīkoi (walk)
  • haka (war dance with actions)
  • hāngī (traditional feast prepared in earth oven)
  • aroha (love)
  • native animals like kiwi, tuatara, kea and moa, and flora like kauri and kōwhai.

How to mark up code using the Māori language

Standard English sentence: <p>This sentence is in NZ English, which is the page’s main language.</p>

A sentence that’s entirely in te reo Māori: <p lang="mi">Kei roto tēnei rerenga kōrero i te reo Māori.</p>

A sentence that includes a phrase in te reo Māori: <p>Bruce is voting in the <span lang="mi">Te Tai Tokerau</span> electorate.</p>

Macrons in email

Do not include macrons in email addresses, even if the user does, because most email clients can not cope with them.

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