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Welcome to the resource hub for information sharing

Message from the Government Chief Privacy Officer (GCPO).

Sharing information is a major part of how we work together effectively across government to provide people with the services that they need. It’s something that happens every day.

However, information sharing and setting up new sharing agreements can sometimes seem daunting. You can only get the benefits you’re aiming for if you share information lawfully, without damaging people’s privacy or undermining their trust in government. But agencies don’t always know where to start.

Our guidance and templates will help you:

  • ask the right questions so you can set up your information sharing activities safely, legally, effectively and as quickly as possible
  • know what type of agreement might best suit your purposes
  • structure your sharing agreements in a consistent format that supports best-practice information sharing and enables you to customise the style and contents to fit what your agency needs.

We’ll continue to add guidance and templates to this resource hub over time.

We’re grateful for the help of our cross-government expert advisory group, who have made sure these resources are practical and valuable.

Katrine Evans, Government Chief Privacy Officer.

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