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Assess the risks before using public cloud services

Information, tools and templates to help government organisations in adopting public cloud services on a case-by-case basis, following risk assessments.

Balancing risks and opportunities

Before using public cloud services, the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) supports agencies to balance the opportunities and risks of information systems by:

  • providing guidance to help government organisations to develop cloud plans
  • working with security agencies to address key security, jurisdictional and social licence concerns
  • showcasing examples of early adopters using public cloud services to drive transformation.

Help with public cloud services

In addition to the information on, the GCDO has set up a network for learning about using public cloud services.

Join the Cloud Capabilities Network — help with public cloud services

Other support for government organisations wanting to buy and use public cloud services includes:

  • a centre of excellence to network agency practitioners — encouraging reuse and sharing of good practice
  • the GCDO’s negotiation of commercial agreements with cloud providers — allowing government organisations to access their services with a single price book and standard terms and conditions
  • a marketplace, being developed — giving government organisations access to a catalogue of public cloud services.

The importance of risk assessments

It’s essential that government organisations assess the risks for all information technologies they adopt.

Detailed information

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Tools and templates

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Privacy, security and risk

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