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Māori interests in public cloud

To Māori, data is taonga. Iwi and Māori are seeking to work more actively with government organisations on their decisions when using public cloud with Māori data.

Māori interests

There are varying iwi and Māori views on government organisations using public cloud.

Building and strengthening relationships between the public service and iwi and Māori will be critical to supporting agencies’ consideration of Māori expectations and interests as part of their cloud adoption.

He Aratohu Kapua — Cloud Te Tiriti Guidance

New guidance will be coming soon. It will provide resources to support Tiriti partners in working together on cloud-adoption decisions that involve iwi and Māori data.

Principles and Māori interests

New Zealand’s refreshed Cloud First policy acknowledges Te Tiriti o Waitangi and has the following Te Tiriti-based principles for considering public cloud.


Government organisations responsible for Māori data have accountabilities to the people whose data they have, such as:

  • communities
  • groups
  • individuals.


For the protection, access and use of Māori data, government organisations’ approach is based on:

  • tikanga — customs
  • kawa — protocols
  • matauranga — knowledge.


Security controls show care, trust and due diligence in appropriately protecting Māori data.


Iwi and Māori are involved in agency decisions about:

  • the sensitivity of Māori data
  • data-storage locations
  • opportunities to improve governance for current and future generations.

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