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Ngā Kete: driving better education outcomes through information sharing

Ngā Kete has opened up access to the wider variety of data and information the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) holds in easy-to-use ways.

Ngā Kete enables information to be accessed as interactive information products. It has also allowed non-expert users to undertake sophisticated information analyses to drive better education outcomes for New Zealanders.  

What is Ngā Kete? 

Ngā Kete is the TEC's secure portal, enabling the sharing of information with tertiary providers, government agencies, high schools, iwi and, shortly, the public. The portal basically allows customers to access and interact with information stored in multiple public and private locations. 

Sophisticated browsing and searching mechanisms enable users to explore broad topics or drill down to find specific content. Advanced analytical capabilities also allow them to better understand their own businesses, the wider education system and their place in it.

What is the future of the technology?  

The current set of information products gives insights into student pathways, details of who is enrolling in tertiary education, and what and where they are studying. It also allows tertiary providers to drill down into their own organisation's data in detail.

As TEC broaden access to groups such as government agencies and iwi, they will enable this information to reach a wider audience and support broader conversations on the tertiary system and its impact on New Zealand.

In 2018, TEC will extend Ngā Kete to add public-facing products to better inform students and their families and communities.

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Ngā Kete featured in the Digital Government Showcase, which was part of Digital 5 2018, the 4th annual gathering of the world's most advanced digital nations that NZ hosted in February 2018.

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