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The Digital Nations

Digital Nations, or DN, is a network of the world’s most advanced digital nations with a shared goal of harnessing digital technology and new ways of working to improve citizens’ lives.

About the DN

DN countries have a track record in leading digital government, including designing services around users’ needs and sharing open source solutions with other countries.

As a group, the DN:

  • shares world-class digital practices
  • identifies improvements to digital services
  • collaborates to solve common problems
  • supports and champions the group’s growing digital economies.

They are committed to working towards the following principles of digital development:

  • user needs (designing public services that work for citizens)
  • open standards
  • open source
  • open markets
  • open government
  • connectivity
  • digital skills and confidence
  • assisted digital (committing to support all citizens to access digital services)
  • sharing and learning from each other.

DN was previously known as the D9, D7 and D5.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) leads New Zealand’s work relating to the DN.

Department of Internal Affairs

2018 summit in New Zealand

In February 2018, New Zealand hosted 3 events as part of the network’s annual meeting:

DN members

The original members of the network are Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Canada and Uruguay joined the group in February 2018, Mexico and Portugal joined in November 2018, and Denmark joined in 2019.

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