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Digital 5 2018

New Zealand hosted the 4th annual gathering of the world's most advanced digital nations in February 2018.

Digital 5 2018 brought the Digital 5 (D5) nations together to share best practices and key learnings, collaborate on common projects and help each other become even better digital governments faster and more efficiently.

The event, from 19 to 22 February, included the Digital Nations 2030 conference, the Digital Government Showcase and the D5 Ministerial Summit.

Digital Nations 2030 conference

19–20 February, Auckland

Focusing on the future of digital, this conference brought together chief information officers, technology leaders, social innovators and future thinkers from business, non-profits and government.

The conference had 5 focus areas:

  • education and workforce
  • health
  • society
  • productive sectors
  • finance.

Digital Government Showcase

21 February, Wellington

This day-long event in The Beehive showcased some of the ways we're making New Zealand better for New Zealanders through digital.

Digital technology has allowed government, non-government organisations and the private sector to improve their services and personalise them in a broad range of areas, including transport, health and education. 

A cultural shift has also taken place that has encouraged government agencies to work together to enhance people's experience using their services. Sharing and using data more effectively has allowed them to anticipate and remove potential problems before they cause any issues. 

Lastly, digital technologies and data sharing drive smarter decision-making so time, money and resources are invested in a way that ensures New Zealanders get the greatest benefit.

Services and products at the Showcase

D5 Ministerial Summit

21–22 February, Wellington

The D5 Ministerial Summit 2018 brought together government, non-government organisations and business to demonstrate the strength of what collaboration can achieve.

The summit explored 4 key areas:

  • using big data for health
  • attracting and retaining digital talent
  • establishing digital identity
  • building citizen-driven collaboration.

The theme for the summit was ‘e kōre e taea e te whenu kotahi te whāriki te raranga’ — ‘one strand alone will not weave a tapestry’ — with a particular focus on digital rights.

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