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All-of-government mindsets

Research into all-of-government mindsets that will help you understand who is looking for government services.

In June and July 2019, 27 New Zealanders and people living in New Zealand were interviewed about their life, and experiences with dealing with the government.

The interviews uncovered:

  • patterns in the way people interact with government.
  • eight main mindsets that represent the situations and attitudes New Zealanders have with government.

An update to past research

The research revisits all-of-government personas created in 2012 to check if they're still valid 7 years later.

While some characteristics of the 2012 personas could be seen in the new mindsets, it was not possible to match them exactly.

The fact that people could not be matched with the 'typical' user personas supports the change to using mindset descriptions that will apply more broadly.

When to use all-of-government personas and mindsets

The research report includes recommendations on when to use all-of-government mindsets, and when to use mindsets you've developed in-house.

Further information

How Kiwis are experiencing government in 2019

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