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Other Categories Reference Taxonomy

The Other Categories Reference Taxonomy is primarily to provide additional categories used as search terms for the Government Digital Standards Catalogue.

Purpose of the taxonomy

The Government Digital Standards Catalogue uses elements from the 4 core reference taxonomies — Data and Information, Application and Software Services, Business, and Infrastructure — as search terms.

In some cases, the user may be searching for a category that does not appear in the existing taxonomies’ categories. The search term may be in the description, or it may not be in the taxonomies at all.

For example, ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Usability’ appear in the description of ‘Web Design and Maintenance’ but are not separate categories themselves.

As there are key concepts, with specific standards for services delivered digitally over the web, the Other Categories Reference Taxonomy is an additional taxonomy to make these terms available.

Newer terms will initially go in this Other Categories Reference Taxonomy as a step on the way to being added into one of the 4 core reference taxonomies.

Download the taxonomies

The taxonomies are available on You can download or access the Other Categories Reference Taxonomy or all of the reference taxonomies together.

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