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What the DPUP Principles mean for your work

Using the Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP) involves engaging with the 5 Principles, thinking about how to apply them in your agency and in your role.

Working with the Principles

These are examples of how you might apply the Principles depending on your role.

These examples do not mean the Principles do not apply to other roles or that these are the only ways they could be put into action.

It’s important to note that how you apply them will be about the context of your role, your organisation and the kind of work you do.

Using the Principles in practice

This tool sets out a series of questions for each of the 5 DPUP Principles to help you think through how to apply them in your agency.

Understand the DPUP Principles in practice

Understand how the Principles work with the Guidelines

DPUP’s Guidelines flow in part from the Principles. When you read the Guidelines, it’s useful to keep the 5 Principles in mind.

How the Guidelines work with the Principles

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