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Domain Name System Service

The government Domain Name System (DNS) service provides for registration and management of and domain names across the public sector.

Service description

The government domain service offers central and local government agencies domain name registration, secure name server hosting and a resilient DNS management web portal.

These services are currently provided only for and domains, but will be expanded to cater for all domain names used by government in 2019.

The service includes:

  • moderation of applications for new domains
  • registration and automatic renewal of domain names
  • a secure self-service DNS management portal with high availability
  • name server hosting, including the enhanced security of DNSSEC
  • the use of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

If your organisation has an existing or domain name, you can use the DNS management portal to:

  • keep your domain names contact information up to date
  • set the name server delegation for all your or domain names
  • add or modify DNS zone data for domain names hosted on the government name servers.

DNS service website


The DNS service enables central and local government agencies to self-manage their and DNS data through an online management portal available 24/7.

Specific benefits include:

  • online domain name application form and moderation process
  • two-factor authentication for DNS management portal users alongside other security measures making it appropriate for government use
  • 3 resilient configured government name servers offering fully managed DNSSEC, IPv6 addressing, and 99.999% availability
  • domain name registration and support for te reo Māori domains with macronised vowels
  • technical support available via phone and email.

Lead Agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs



Adopting the service

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the sole registrar for and domain names.

The name space is reserved for statutory entities and government programme, including the Public Service, Crown entities, local authorities and a variety of other bodies with statutory responsibilities.

This does not include state owned enterprises (SOEs) and may not include some Local Authority Trading Enterprises (LATEs).

Contact for more information.

How to register a domain name

  1. Contact the government domain service
  2. Submit an application through the DNS management portal

DIA domain name portal

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Managed Service
  • All of Government

Supplier information

Liverton Security

DNS infrastructure and management services

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