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Enterprise Content Management as a Service

Enterprise Content Management as a Service (ECMaaS) helps agencies manage their information assets and improve the way they create, store, distribute and use their information and content.

Service description

ECMaaS is provided as-a-service and charged on a per user basis.

Core services and features provided by the ECMaaS panel include:

  • collaboration features — for internal and external collaboration requirements
  • mobility — the ability to search, access and edit content on any device, from anywhere
  • content management
  • workflow — manage processes digitally
  • search features
  • document and records management — ‘best practice’ records management, and lifecycle management of physical and electronic documents and records.

Other ECMaaS solutions include, digitisation support, advanced search, advanced workflow and reporting, auto classification, taxonomy and metadata management.

Expiry date

The ECMaaS contract expires in October 2021. 

Contact for more information about the replacement programme — Content Services.


The All-of-Government ECMaaS panel includes 3 service providers: Intergen, OpenText and Team Asparona.

Each provider supplies ECMaaS based on a different technology solution.

Each solution is delivered from within Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or public cloud such as Azure or Amazon Web Services.


ECMaaS enables your agency to improve the way you create, store, collaborate, protect and manage a wide range of digital content and information.

You can select the best-fit product for your agency's needs from the ECMaaS panel.

Lead Agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua The Department of Internal Affairs



Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Closed Supplier Panel
  • ICT Common Capabilities

Lead Agency Agreement details

DIA as Lead Agency has entered into a Common Capability ICT Agreement for the purchase of ECMaaS services with 3 service providers: Intergen, OpenText and Team Asparona.

The initial 4-year contract began in October 2013, and has been extended to October 2021.

Supplier information


Intergen uses Cohesion, a product designed for New Zealand government agencies and based on Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Contact: Paula Smith


OpenText uses Content Suite. Content Suite is 1 of 5 integrated suites supporting their Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy.

Contact: Wiremu Wineera


TeamIM uses ContentWorX which is based on an Oracle suite of enterprise grade components including Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Records, Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle Database.

Contact: Declan Ryan

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